Garlic Butter Chicken and Potatoes Recipe – How To Make Garlic Butter Chicken Recipe


Garlic Butter Chicken Recipe with Potatoes – One Chicken Skillet recipe. Amazing flavors. This chicken recipe is pretty much the easiest and tastiest dinner for any weeknight!


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  2. Posted by Lithie90, — Reply

    I love this recipe. I don't add any hot sauce. And I put the red pepper flakes into the marinade. Definitely one of my favorites!

  3. Posted by tatianawen, — Reply

    This dish was sooo amazing!! Made it for four people, two adult and two teens and the amount was perfect👍🏻👍🏻

  4. Posted by shysucks, — Reply

    made with vegan chicken on the right plate, tastes and looks amazing 😍

  5. Posted by suadanees, — Reply

    Where is the recipe?

  6. Posted by primoitalians, — Reply

    Awesome discription!

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    The marinade is bomb but not complete with all 3 spices oregano, rosemary and thyme, minced garlic & the red pepper flakes oh and cracked pepper! I make this once a week now it is so incredible! Bring water to a boil before dumping quartered potatoes in and then just continue that boil for 8 minutes! I add butter to my potatoes afterwards and between two of us we kill 4 chicken breasts and 6 potatoes lol we struggle to keep left overs that’s how great this is! (When done right)

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    Way way WAY too salty.

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