Cheesy Taco Pasta - Dinner, then Dessert


Cheesy Taco Pasta is easy to make and tastes like the Hamburger Helper you used to eat as a kid except better. Much better.


  1. Posted by taaayfitz, — Reply

    Quick, easy, yummy family meal! If you have leftovers the next day, I’d recommend packing a small container of your leftover salsa just to freshen it up, as it can be a little dry after re-heating!

  2. Posted by jordynbaseball, — Reply

    I personally think the salsa just over powered everything. My family all said that we should have just had more taco seasoning than salsa. And done diced tomatoes.

  3. Posted by calllmebelllla, — Reply

    Good, easy dinner! I added onions, tomatoes, and i used hot taco seasoning. I think two cups of cheese was too much though.

  4. Posted by Ravy08, — Reply

    Made the vegan meat with jalapeño juice to add a kick! Also used almond milk! It was the bomb!!!!

  5. Posted by Voelkerlt, — Reply

    So yummy I used ground venison instead of ground beef but it was really good and easy to make!

  6. Posted by pRHOfection2010, — Reply

    I enjoyed this ! Added some garlic and onion powder. Will have again

  7. Posted by candyann0273, — Reply

    Easy,My family loved it.And want me to make it again so it's a 👍🏻

  8. Posted by redrose19787, — Reply

    Tasted really good. I used ground turkey instead still great.

  9. Posted by sattelberga, — Reply

    It’s so good and SUPER easy to make. I LOVED it. 💚

  10. Posted by abeln4, — Reply

    Add 1 can of Mexican Tomatoes along with Salsa

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