Freshened up and fringed for spring


Freshened up and fringed for spring. And man oh man does this new cut and color give me a little extra pep in my step. Alas, I like to document it. Here’s what went down at the salon.  (Going for t…


  1. Posted by beachglows, — Reply

    Please show us your cut! I absolutely love this but need to see the bangs. Thx!

  2. Posted by Elsa999, — Reply

    Just took the plunge & got 8" off to get this cut. Looooooove it 😄😄

  3. Posted by reneekirby234, — Reply

    Summer cuts for hair with bangs

  4. Posted by noci0702, — Reply

    I just got this same cut last week!! I absolutely love it!

  5. Posted by elledrake, — Reply

    Very Goldie Hawn

  6. Posted by LadyScorpio777, — Reply

    I want bangs like this

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