Layered Greek Dip (a Mediterranean 7-layer dip!) - Garnish with Lemon


Our Layered Greek Dip recipe is a veggie-packed, Mediterranean version of the classic 7-Layer Dip. Perfect happy hour nibbles for a crowd!


  1. Posted by janfleury, — Reply

    This was fantastic. I added some fresh dill (because I had it and needed to use it up) and I also added some goat cheese (for the same reason). People raved about it all night.

  2. Posted by bates3388, — Reply

    DE-LIC-IOUS !!

  3. Posted by jugacha, — Reply

    One of my favorite summer dips! Been making this for several years. To make ahead, I prep the bottom layer and refrigerate it. Then I prep the cucumbers and tomatoes ahead, making sure to drain the tomatoes in a strainer to get them as dry as possible. Day of, layer accordingly. If you try to make it the day before with all the ingredients, you’ll find the tomatoes will get juice over everything. We’ve used leftovers (when there are any) to make wraps the next day and they’re great!

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