Repurpose And Recycle An Old Bike Wheel - Dainty Dress Diaries


Repurpose and recycle an old bike wheel. I transformed an old bike wheel into a pretty floral wreath that would be perfect for a wedding DIY.


  1. Posted by jamierose225, — Reply

    Anyone know what spray paint is used in the video?!?!😍😍

  2. Posted by homigadget, — Reply

    like your pin

  3. Posted by beeshbh, — Reply

    Very nice 💖💖

  4. Posted by grammypescarino, — Reply

    so pretty !

  5. Posted by indychicdesign, — Reply

    great idea

  6. Posted by dencyr57, — Reply

    Love it

  7. Posted by bellcharlotte08, — Reply

    Love it. Might use it if I ever get a new room!

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